The mechanic was watching the bomber take off, that he just finished working on, when he realized he left a wrench on the aircraft. The mechanic was surprised when The bomber Re-entered the pattern and returned to base. The bombardier emerged  ,first,   holding the mechanics wrench, walked towards the mechanic and explained that after takeoff an electrical fire occurred on the aircraft and the pilot was not aware. The bombardier said he was unable to reach or communicate when he saw this wrench on the deck.


The bombardier said that he picked up the wrench, reached over to the pilot and tapped him on the shoulder,á to get his attention,á pointed out the fire and the need to land. Because of this cool calm action and the wrench all returned un- harmedů


Just then corps men were carrying the pilot on a stretcher. They thought that nobody was injured so the bombardier and mechanic asked what was wrong . They were told that the pilot had a broken shoulder.



Circa 1943 joke author unknown.